We moved to Moscow so the blog moved too.

The thing about the name ‘solnushka’ is that it isn’t a name any self respecting Russian would give themselves even on the Internet and not be given to wearing hot pink lipstick and not much else while pouting a lot in suggestive photos. It really is like calling yourself ‘honeybun’ or ‘sweetcheeks’.

So, somewhat belatedly, I have decided that it is just too embarrassing to have a blog with that URL, so have moved to a site which is slightly less likely to get me mistaken for someone who is willing to negotiate her affections.

That said, the reason why not much has been going on here is that I’ve been blogging at kiddingherself.com  for some time now. It’s a child’s guide to going out in and around Moscow (and previously London) written from a four year old girl’s point of view. It’s just as funny as you suspect it might be…

My original blog Verbosity leads to unclear inarticulate things is still up at its new less cringeworthy address though. I may or may not return to it eventually.


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