11 thoughts on “On graffiti.

  1. I quite liked the third picture – it was rather like having a large piece of modern art on the side your building. Not that I’m particularly big on modern art.
    As for the rest, it is certainly a novel way to have public art in your neighbourhood.
    And I certainly wouldn’t be that keen on having the yelling baby look at me every morning. There’s enough of my own at home. :)

    • Oh I like the idea of getting it renewed/ changed every now and again. Graffiti should be a bit ephemeral anyway.

      I used to know a Russian teenager who hung with a graffiti crowd, although I think she was more into photography. She was quite adamant that real graffiti artists would never draw on surfaces that were otherwise beautiful, visually or any other way. I believe she called scrawling you tag, particularly over monuments and such ‘toilet writing’, although it occurs she might have tidied that phrase up a bit for me. I like a good bit of graffiti myself. There’s the odd Bansky copyist round our way, which I rather enjoy. Stencils seem to be where it’s at now.

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