On commenters.

I’ve been poking around the blogging world a bit more energetically because of NaBloPoMo and ended up actually leaving a comment on a blog. Gemma of Dressing for Dinner’s to be precise.

And thereby volunteered myself for a commentors’ meme, which I must say I think is a splendid idea. Unfortunately, as I wrote most of it before yesterday’s little accident, everyone is now a little out of order…

The rules:

1. List the last ten people who have commented on your blog
2. If you’re on my list then you should do the meme on your blog too

Okay so aside from Gemma herself:

  1. Charlotteotter at Charlotte’s Web
  2. Melissa at Making Things Up 
  3. Laphroaig at Therepy Anyone?
  4. Aphra Behn at Danger of Eclectic Shock
  5. Reed at Out of Ideas
  6. Oh Waily at Oh Waily Waily
  7. Singing Librarian at The Singing Librarian Talks (or Writes)…
  8. Phil
  9. Smithereens at Smithereens
  10. Teuchter at Chez Teuchter

Now for the questions:

1: What is your favourite post from number 3’s blog?

The latest one. Always the latest one. I’ve found myself nodding energetically as if to say ‘That’s what I’m talking about!’ at three out of the last four, and the other one I simply felt sympathetic. Possibly, however, whichever one has the most links. Laphroaig has a wonderful way with links.

2. Has number 10 taken any pictures that have moved you?

Moved to flaming green jealousy by her pix of China (and her tales generally), and by the one of the mountain here in particular. I love mountains.

3. Does number 6 reply to comments on their blog?

Yes, indeedy.

4. Which part of blogland is number 2 from?

She’s in the US I think. Hand on… Yup. California, apparently. However, in terms of Blogland, she hails from NaBloPoMo. See above for this being a splendid way to meet cool new people.

5. If you could give one piece of advice to number 7 what would it be?

‘Break a leg’ I expect. Although that’s not strictly advice, is it?

6. Have you ever tried something from number 9’s blog?

Listening to audio books while breastfeeding. As an alternative (in my case) to watching trashy daytime V. Splendid idea. Unfortunately the library charges for audiobooks, so I only did it once. After that I tuned the wireless to radio 4 and got more adept at reading one handed.

7. Has number 1 blogged something that inspired you?

 All the time. Through her considerable zest for life and concern for others.

8. How often do you comment on number 4’s blog?

Aphra’s posts often spark furious thought. Unfortunately furious thought produces long rambling responses which sometimes don’t get past my head and onto the page for lack of typing time. Everybody should be relieved to hear.

9. Do you wait for number 8 to post excitedly?

On his own blog? You betya. Come in, Phil, the water’s lovely…

10. How did number 5’s blog change your life?

I saw Reed’s blog and I knew covetousness. I now have a blog of my own, although sadly, not her facility with words.

11. Do you know any of the 10 bloggers in person?

I have met in person, really quite a number of times now, Aphra Behn, Reed, Phil and Teuchter. And the Singing Librarian. I think? Have I met you, David? I certainly feel as though I have, although I can’t remember precisely when. The joys of having Internet Weirdos as friends.

12. Do any of your 10 bloggers know each other in person?

Aphra Behn, Reed, Phil, Teuchter and the Singing Librarian have all met in one combination or another I presume.

13. Out of the 10, which updates more frequently?

Charlotteotter, I reckon.

14. Which of the 10 keep you laughing?

Gosh, all of them.

15. Which of the 10 has made you cry (good or bad tears)?

Well, at the moment I’m more likely to wet myself laughing than cry with amusement. Must do pelvic floor exercises more assiduously.

And obviously if someone I’m fond of is hurting…

12 thoughts on “On commenters.

  1. Hey, I work with http://www.mochalcub.org, a non-profit that works in Africa. I saw that you were on the NaBloPoMo list, and we’d love for you to blog about our new campaign on Nov. 24th. The campaign is centered around this idea – at Mocha Club, we have always cared about building an accurate perception of both the challenges that Africans face, and the BEAUTY of Africa. We need bloggers to help get the word out. Please email me if you would be interested in hearing the details!

  2. Phil says:

    A blog!
    Surely that assumes I have enough interesting thoughts to say, time to say them and that someone out there would find them interesting enough to read. It’s hard enough work keeping on top or just reading a handful or so blogs without adding another monkey trying to recreate the works of Shakespeare.

  3. Oh, I’m not sure I’m going for Shakespeare, Phil.

    Perhaps DH Lawrence? No, not enought colourful sex.

    J Austen? Too few weddings. Far too few Mr Darcys.

    C Dickens? Well, we’re not doing badly on the odd names front, but other than that, not enough squalor. I hope.

    Dostoyevsky? Way too jolly for that and not an axe in sight.

    Heinlein? Definitely not enough incest.

    Chaucer? I need more smutty jokes. But I’m going for it with the spelling.

    Tolstoy? Am I long winded enough? I seem to have quite a lot about war, and for all I know that’s the bit everyone skips. Also an obsession with public transport, although as yet, I’m not using it to bump off any annoying women.

    Stevenson? But where are the pirates?


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