On thoughtfulness.

You’ve been honoured by both Charlotte and Aphra Behn now for the Thinking Blogger award meme started here. Ordinarily, your instinct would be to say something self depreciating and belittle the compliment. Unfortunately these are two women who you respect and admire quite a lot, so instead you’ve decided that to hell with that for a game of snooker, you are just going to revel smugly instead.

The idea is that, once tagged, you are supposed to go on and tap five more blogs for recognition (as well as link to the chap who began it).

You were cravenly considering just throwing in the towel in hysterics as you consider that people are on your blogroll for a reason and clearly this is honour enough. However, fortified by a few days in the bracing sea air of Margate and rather too many portions of fish n chips, you are going to power on though after all.

Some of the people on your blogroll have already been nominated. Charlotte and Aphra, obviously, but also Imani and the chap behind You Are Sleeping. So you are ignoring them straight off.

Of the people who remain you are going for:

  • Natalia Antonova. Who has Views and can be relied upon to argue them vigorously. When she isn’t telling tales that widen the eyes and stop the heart.
  • Midnight Jester. Who also has Views and will suggest practical applications and solutions as well as explain them. Provokingly.
  • Oscarandre. Whose anecdotes also go beyond diaryising to be provoking in the thought inducing sense as well as being extremely well told.
  • Reed. Who can do things with words that no one else can and who is absolutely fascinating on the topic of the writing process. Well, she’s fascinating on any topic, but that’s what the blog is about. Imani can make you want to read proper books against your natural inclination. Reed damn nearly had you writing a poem.
  • Nikko Snyder. Who is here because you always had a soft spot for people who take things to their logical extremes. And because you just realised that you are getting mildly frustrated waiting for the next installment.

Other people are on the blogroll because you are a nosy curtain twitcher and they are interesting people writing interestingly about their interesting lives. In particular, Max is there because she is witty and her blog is so exuberant, and Imhelendt because she seems to find life as amusing as you do and because of her immense gaiety in the face of adversity. And the Singing Librarian‘s accounts of life on, behind and, you can only anticipate, under stage are much missed.

And in closing you’d just like to thank… without whom…

15 thoughts on “On thoughtfulness.

  1. Oh this is nice because I’m not familiar with any of the blogs you’ve nominated. Congrats on being nominated. I’ll have you reading a “proper” book yet. ;)

  2. P’raps, Imani. Depends how many of the schlok vampire novels this Ward woman of yours wrote that I have to get through first…

    I’m hardly one to be sniffy about others’ typos, Max. Call me Sol. Much easier to spell, and feeds my delusions of granduer nicely.

    Not my design, Ilker. It’s one of WordPress’s stock themes. It’s pretty, but this coments box is a bit of a pain with the cursor being invisible. Or is that just me. I do like black, though. Since Spring has gone back into hiding, the previous bright green background was inappropriate and starting to get on my nerves anyway.

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